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Haines, Connie

For Once In My Life

Midnight Johnny

Mr. Pride And Mr. Gloom

Walk In Silence

What's Easy For Two Is Hard For One

Hall, Carl

Is Love Going Or Growing

Roll Over Casanova

Hamilton, Dave


Blues For The Young

Coming Through The Rye

Just Loving You

Late Freight

Like You

Mellow In Coli

Motown Express

Some Other Time

Stairway To The Stars

Twelve Forty-Five A.M.


Hamilton, Willie

Hangin' Around

I'm So Glad You're Mine

Hammer, Jack

Colour Combination


Handy, Roy & The Parlettes

Accidental Love

What Did He Do

Handy, Roy

Baby That's A Groove

Let's Be Friends

Monkey See - Monkey Do

Haney, 'Jack' & 'Nikiter' Armstrong

Interview, The (Summit Chanted Meeting)


Haney, Bert

Happy Ghoul Tide

Harnell, Joe

Didn't We

For Once In My Life

Green Grow The Lilacs

Here, There And Everywhere

Look Of Love, The

Love Makes The World Go 'Round

Midnight Cowboy

My Cherie Amour

Oh How Happy

Reach Out I'll Be There

Tiffany Aglow

Windmills Of Your Mind

You've Made Me So Very Happy

Harris, Ernie

Hold On

Harris, Richard

Lucky Me

Hart, Jimmy

Tea House In China Town

Hart, Rocky

Someone Stole My Baby Doing The Twist

When A Teenager Gets Blue

Hartfield, Pete

Darling Tonight

Love Me

Harvey & Ann

What Can You Do Now

Will I Do


Come On And Answer Me

(Dance) Anyway You Wanta

Don't Be Afraid To Love

First Time, The

Mama Ma Ma Mama (Tell It Like It Is)

Memories Of You

Ooh, Ouch, Stop Teacher You're Hurting Me

Road To Happiness

She Loves Me So

Twelve Months Of The Year

Whistling About You


Only On The Weekend

This Is Goodbye

Tonight's The Night

Voodoo Plan

We Call It Fun

You're Bad News

Heard, Oma

Daddy, Cool

Lifetime Man

Momma Tried To Warn Me

Mr. Lonely Heart


Thief Of Love


Amaze Me

And Then There's

Country Smile

Goin' Down

I Said It With A Laugh

I Want You

Just Thought I'd Let You Know

Ooola Lucy

Set Me Free

Sing A Song Of Love


Hearts Of Stone

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother

If I Could Give You The World

It's A Lonesome Road

One Day

Rainy Night In Georgia

Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin

What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)

Would You Take A Dime From A Poor Man

Yesterday's Love Is Over

You Gotta Sacrifice (We Gotta Sacrifice)

You've Made Me So Very Happy

Helms, Bobby

Magic Song

Henderson, Wes

In Bed


Henry, Virgil

I Can't Believe You're Really Leaving

You Ain't Sayin' Nothin' New

Henslee, Gene

Beautiful Women


Hernandez, Danny & The Ones

As Long As I've Got You

One Little Teardrop

Hill Sisters

Advertising For Love

Hit And Run Away Love


Rain Is A Lonesome Thing

You Only Pass This Way One Time

Hinton, Joe

Let's All Save The Children

You Are Blue

Hit Pack

Didn't I

Let's Dance

Never Say No To Your Baby

Show Me You Can Dance

Ho, Don



I'll Love You Forever

Makin' Up Time

No Greater Love

Watch Out Girl (Boy)

Holland & Dozier

Come On Home

Lead Me And Guide Me

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Holland, Brian

Old Love (Let's Try It Again)

Holland, Briant with the Band


(Where's The Joy?) In Nature Boy

Holland, Chris & T-Bone

Get Me Some Help

If Time Could Stand Still

Holland, Eddie

Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Baby Shake

Bashful Kind

Because I Love Her


Candy To Me

Darling, I Hum Our Song

Day Dreamer

Everybody's Going

Gotta Have Your Love

Happy Days

Happy Go Lucky

Heart Broken, Heart Breaker (And The Clock)

I Couldn't Cry If I Wanted To

I Like Everything About You

I'm Grateful

I'm On The Outside Looking In

I'm So Glad I Learned To Do The Cha-Cha

If It's Love (It's Alright)

If You Don't Want My Love

(If) Cleopatra Took A Chance

It Moves Me

It's Best To Be Sure

It's Not Too Late


Just A Few More Days

Just Ain't Enough Love

Last Laugh, The

Last Night I Had A Vision

Leaving Here

Little Bit Of Lovin', A

Little Miss Ruby

(Loneliness Made Me Realize) It's You That I Need

Love Is What You Make It

Magic Mirror


Pretty Little Angel Face

Rain And Thunder

So Great Is My Love

Take A Chance On Me

Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While)

Treat Her Right

True Love Will Go A Mighty Long Way

Twin Brother

Welcome Back

What About Me

Why Do You Want To Let Me Go

Will You Love Me

You (You You You You)

You Deserve What You Got

You're Sweeter As The Days Go By

Holloway, Brenda & Patrice

Come Into My Palace

Holloway, Brenda

After All That You've Done

All I Do Is Think About You

All Your Love

Baby Before You Judge Me

Baby I've Got It

Baby Is It You

Can I

Can't Hold The Feeling Back

Can't We Be Strangers Again

Can't You Hear Me Knocking

Crying Time

Deep Freeze

Don't Compare Me With Her

Don't Stay Away

Don't Turn Your Back On Me

Each Little Teardrop

Embraceable You

Every Little Bit Hurts

Everybody Knows

Favor For A Girl (With A Love Sick Heart), A

Girl On The Run

Going To A Go-Go

Have A Little Talk With Myself

He's My Kind Of Fellow

Here Are The Pieces Of My Broken Heart

How Can I

How Can You Call It Love (With The Feelin' Gone)

How Many Times Did You Mean It

Hurt A Little Everyday

I Don't Want Anybody Perfect

I Don't Want Nobody's Gonna Make Me Cry

I Feel Your Love Growin' On Me

I Prayed For A Boy (Like You)

I See A Rainbow

I Still Get Butterflies

I'll Always Love You

I'll Always Meet You Half Way

I'll Be Alright

I'll Be Available

I'm Giving Up

I'm On The Outside

I'm On The Right Track Now

I'm The Exception To The Rule

I've Been Good To You

I've Got To Find It

It's Going All The Way (To True True Love)

It's Love I Need

Just Another Lonely Night

Just Look What You've Done

Just Loving You

Keep Me

Land Of A Thousand Boys

Land Of Make Believe, The

Little Miss Loser

Lonely Boy

Lonely Heart And Lonely Eyes Of Lonely Me, The

Lonely Teardrops

Love Line, The

Love Woke Me Up This Morning

Lucky My Boy

Make Him Come To You

Mr. Lifeguard (Come And Rescue Me)

My Baby Moves Me

My Precious Dreams

My Smile Is Just A Frown Turned Upside Down

My World Is Crumbling

Ooo Baby Baby


Play It Cool, Stay In School

Reassure Me That You Love Me

Sad Song


Star, The

Starting The Hurt All Over Again

Strange Things



Tell Me Your Story

There's Something On Your Mind

Think It Over (Before You Break My Heart)

This Time Last Summer

Till Johnny Comes

Today I Sing The Blues

Together 'Til The End Of Time

Too Proud To Cry

Trapped In A Love Affair

Unchained Melody

We'll Keep On Rollin'

What Good Am I Without You

What Have I Done To Myself

When I'm Gone

Whenever You Need Me

Whenever You Touch Me

Where There's A Will There's A Way

Where Were You

Who Could Ever Doubt My Love

Who You Gonna Run To

Who's Lovin' You

Why Don't You Tell The Truth

Without Love You Lose A Good Feelin'

World Without You, A

You Are My Chosen One

You Are Very Much A Part Of Me

You Can Cry On My Shoulder

(You Can) Depend On Me

You Go Your Way And I'll Go Mine

You Got A Little Of Everything

You Need Me

You're Walking Out With My Heart

You've Changed Me

You've Made Me So Very Happy

Holloway, Patrice

All That's Good

Beach Stomp


Face In The Crowd

Flippitty Flop

For The Love Of Mike

Go Gang, The

(He Is) The Boy Of My Dreams

I Got To Change

In Your Heart

Love Walked Right In

My 2 Arms - U = Tears


Tall Boy

Those D.J. Shows

Touch Of Venus, The

Honest Men



Hooker, John Lee

Boom Boom

Hopkins, Linda

Magic Song

Horton, Willie

Detroit Is Happening (Part 1)

Detroit Is Happening (Part 2)

Detroit Is Happening (Part 3)

Houston, Thelma

And I Never Did

And I Thought You Loved Me

Black California


Do Something About It

I Ain't Going Nowhere

I Ain't That Easy To Lose

I Want To Go Back There Again

I'm Just A Part Of Yesterday

I'm Letting Go

If It's The Last Thing I Do

Me And Bobby McGee

No One's Gonna Be A Fool Forever

Nothing Left To Give

Ooh Dear Mama

Piano Man

Pick Of The Week

Stealin' In The Name Of The Lord

There Is A God

There's No Such Thing As Love

What If

Howl The Good

Ain't Hard To Stumble

Beginning Of The End, The

Harder Doing Nothing

I Need A Friend

Joke, The

Just Pretend It's Another Day

Long Way From Home

Things You Do

This Moment In The Sun

Why Do You Cry

Hughes, Judy

Fine, Fine, Fine

Hughes, Langston and Danner, Margaret

Writers Of The Revolution

Hunt, Pat

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Hunter, Herschel

Someone Is Kissing My Baby

Hunter, Ty

Envy Of Every Man

Everything About You



Gladness To Sadness

Lonely Baby


Orphan Boy


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