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This Ole Heart (Harvey Fuqua-Thomas Kemp) published Jobete

The Quails; recorded Graystone Ballroom, Detroit, completed 07-Aug-63 ; produced by Harvey Fuqua

[pressing date unknown] [acetate]; 45 (M): Dub # 3329
30-Sep-14; CD (M): Kent CDTOP 424 Satisfaction Is Guaranteed! - Motown Guys 1961-69 [UK]

This Poor Heart Of Mine (Nickolas Ashford-Valerie Simpson) published Jobete 29-May-69

alt title: Your Love Can Save Me

Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell; recorded Hitsville-GW, completed 18-Mar-69 ; produced by Nickolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson

16-Sep-69; LP (S): Tamla S294 Easy
20-Nov-01; CD (S): Motown 016 402 2 The Complete Duets

This Time (Berry Gordy) published Jobete

Hattie Littles; recorded Hitsville, completed 20-Jun-62 ; produced by Berry Gordy

14-Dec-12; MP3 (M): UMC Digital Release Motown Unreleased 1962: Girls

This Time

Michael Montella; recorded Studio 76 Adelphi Sound N.Y., 1964

[pressing date unknown] [acetate]; 45 (M): Adelphi

This Time I'm Gonna Leave You (Edward Earling-Edward McDaniels-Donald McWhorter) published Jobete

Edward Earling; recorded Hitsville, completed 12-Feb-63 ; produced by William Stevenson

[pressing date unknown] [acetate]; LP (M): JD 106

This Time Last Summer (Jim Webb) published Jobete 01-Jun-65

Blinky; recorded California ; produced by Hal Davis ; arranged by Gene Page

unreleased; LP (S): Motown MS712 Sunny And Warm
unreleased; 45 (M): Motown M 1168 B [also scheduled for Soul 35089]
unreleased; 45 (M): Soul S 35089F B [scheduled for Motown 1168, Test Pressings exist]
unreleased; LP (S): Soul S735L Sunny And Warm
27-Jun-08; CD (M): Hip-O Select B0011056-02 The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 10 1970

Danny Day; recorded California, completed by 12-May-65 ; produced by Marc Gordon, Hal Davis

[pressing date unknown] [acetate]; 45 (M): [no catalogue number]
04-Jun-65; 45 (M): V.I.P. 25019 A
04-Aug-06; CD (M): Hip-O Select B0006775-02 The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 5 1965

Brenda Holloway; recorded California ; produced by Marc Gordon, Hal Davis

16-Dec-14; MP3 (M): UMC Digital Release Motown Unreleased 1964
18-Aug-17; CD (M): Soulmusic SMCR-5163 Spellbound: Rare And Unreleased Gems [UK]

Jim Webb; recording details unknown

[pressing date unknown] [acetate]; 45 (M): Jobete

This Used To Be The Home Of Johnnie Mae (Samuel Small-Leonard Caston) published Jobete 10-Feb-71

Eddie Kendricks; recorded Hitsville-GW, completed 23-Oct-70 ; produced by Frank Wilson ; arranged by Dave Van DePitte

04-Mar-71; 45 (M): Tamla T 54203 A [promo] [long version]
04-Mar-71; 45 (M): Tamla T 54203 A [cv] [long version]
04-Mar-71; 45 (M): Tamla T 54203 A [promo] [short promo version]
Apr-71; LP (S): Tamla TS309 All By Myself
Feb-73; LP (S): Tamla Motown STML11217 The Motown Sound Volume One [UK]
19-Mar-96; CD (S): Motown 530 615 2 One By One - The Best Of The Solo Years
26-Aug-05; CD (S): Hip-O Select B0005132-02 Keep On Truckin': The Motown Solo Albums, Vol. 1
09-Dec-08; CD (M): Hip-O Select B0011579-02 The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 11A 1971
09-Dec-08; CD (M): Hip-O Select B0011579-02 The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 11A 1971 [short promo version]

This Will Make You Laugh (Irene Higginbotham)

Marvin Gaye; recorded N.Y. / Hitsville-GW, completed 03-Feb-67 ; produced by Bobby Scott ; [3rd odb]

29-Dec-17; MP3: UMC Digital Release Motown Unreleased 1967 [2017 mix]

Thompin' (Bobby Hunt-George Coolures) published Burlington

The Merced Blue Notes; recorded California (?) ; produced by Robert Gordy, Harvey Fuqua

unreleased; 45 (M): Soul S 35007 B
Dec-65; 45 (M): Galaxy 738 B
04-Oct-04; CD (M): Ace CDCHD 1026 Get Your Kicks On Route 99 [UK]

Those D.J. Shows (William Robinson) published Jobete

Patrice Holloway; recorded Hitsville / L.A., 1965 ; produced by Smokey Robinson ; [2nd odb (Calif.)]

[pressing date unknown] [acetate]; 45 (M): Jobete
04-Jul-05; CD (M): Motown 982 9297 2 A Cellarful Of Motown! Volume 2 [UK]
07-Jun-11; CD (M): Kent CDTOP 354 Love And Desire - The Patrice Holloway Anthology [UK]

The Supremes; recorded Hitsville, completed 19-Sep-61 ; produced by Smokey Robinson

[pressing date unknown] [acetate]; 45 (M): [no catalogue number]
[pressing date unknown] [acetate]; 45 (M): Columbia ZTSC-84195
Apr-86; LP (S): Motown 5381 25th Anniversary
Oct-86; CD (M): Motown MOTD 6193 25th Anniversary
12-Mar-10; CD (S): Hip-O Select B0013788-02 Meet The Supremes - Expanded Edition [stereo mix]

Those Precious Memories (Frank Wilson-Pamela Sawyer) published Jobete 15-Oct-68

alt title: Dreaming

The Supremes; recorded Hitsville-GW, completed 26-Nov-68 ; produced by Frank Wilson

25-Mar-08; CD (S): Hip-O Select B0003263-02 Let The Music Play: Supreme Rarities

Those Were The Days (Gene Raskin) published Essex

The Ding Dongs; recorded Hitsville-GW, completed 21-Jun-70 ; produced by Tom King ; [instrumental]

Aug-70; LP (S): Motown MS716 Gimme Dat Ding

Thou Swell (Richard Rodgers-Lorenz Hart) published Harms

[from musical "A Connecticut Yankee" and film "Words And Music"]

The Supremes; recorded L.A. / Hitsville-GW, completed 03-Nov-66 ; produced by Berry Gordy, Gil Askey

May-67; LP (M): Motown M659 Supremes Sing Rodgers And Hart
May-67; LP (S): Motown S659 Supremes Sing Rodgers And Hart
Jun-87; CD: Motown MCDO 9074 MD The Rodgers And Hart Collection
26-Mar-02; CD (S): Motown 016 817 2 Sing Rodgers And Hart - The Complete Recordings

Though I'm Just A Clown (I Need Love Too) (Robert Gordy) published Jobete 15-Nov-68

Soupy Sales; recorded Hitsville-GW, completed 19-Nov-68 ; produced by Robert Gordy

Apr-69; LP (S): Motown S686 A Bag Of Soup

Thought For You, A

The Young Men; recording details unknown

1966; 45 (M): Maltese 108 A

Thoughts (Peter Hoorelbeke-Gilbert Bridges-Mark Olson-John Persh-Ray Monette-Edward Guzman) published Jobete 28-Dec-71

alt title: Our House

Rare Earth; recorded live unknown venue

Dec-71; LP (S): Rare Earth R534D Rare Earth In Concert
24-Aug-89; CD: Motown MOTD 5443 Rare Earth In Concert

Three Choruses Of Despair (Rick Witte) published Jobete 01-Apr-66

alt title: The Lonely Train

Rick Robin & Him; recorded Hitsville, completed 26-Feb-66 ; produced by Rick Witte ; [2nd odb]

unreleased; 45 (M): V.I.P. 25035 A
03-Jun-66; 45 (M): V.I.P. 25035 A [cv]
24-Nov-06; CD (M): Hip-O Select B0007872-02 The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 6 1966

Three Four Three (Harvey Fuqua) published Jobete 14-Jan-66


Jr. Walker & the All Stars; recorded Hitsville, completed 15-Dec-64 ; produced by Harvey Fuqua ; [instrumental]

[pressing date unknown] [acetate]; 45 (M): Jobete
18-Feb-66; LP (S): Soul SS702 Soul Session
18-Feb-66; LP (M): Soul S702 Soul Session
08-Sep-03; CD (S): Motown 017 080 2 Shotgun / Soul Session [UK]

Three Knocks On The Door (Earl Johnson) published Jobete

Earl King; recorded Hitsville, completed 13-Aug-63 ; produced by Joe Jones

06-Feb-96; CD (M): Motown 530 613 2 Motown's Blue Evolution

Three Months (Brian Holland-Robert Bateman-William Stevenson) published Jobete

alt title: 3 Months 2 Weeks 1 Day 1 Hour

The Marvelettes; recorded Hitsville, completed 13-Dec-61 ; [lead Gladys Horton]

13-Dec-11; CD (S): Hip-O Select B0017193-02 Forever More: The Complete Motown Albums Volume 2 [2011 stereo mix]

Three Time Loser (Lawrence Weiss-Lockie Edwards, Jr)

Marvin Gaye; recorded Hitsville, completed 14-Mar-63 ; produced by Smokey Robinson ; accompaniment The Vandellas

[pressing date unknown] [acetate]; 45 (M): [no catalogue number]
30-Aug-10; CD (M): Motown 882 4009 A Cellarful Of Motown! Volume 4 [UK]

Three Time Loser (Cliff Bennett-Alan Kendall)

Toe Fat; recording details unknown

Mar-71; LP (S): Rare Earth RS525 Toe Fat Two [first released on Regal Zonophone (UK) SLRZ 1015 (1970)]
1995; CD: BGO CD278 Toe Fat I & II [UK]

Thrill A Moment, A (William Stevenson-Ivy Jo Hunter-Kim Weston) published Jobete 15-Mar-65

Kim Weston; recorded Hitsville / L.A., completed 09-Mar-65 ; produced by William Stevenson, Ivy Jo Hunter

unreleased; 45 (M): Tamla T 54115 A [released on Gordy 7041]
21-Apr-65; 45 (M): Gordy G 7041 A [scheduled for Tamla 54115]
26-Feb-91; CD (M): Motown MOTD 5486 Greatest Hits And Rare Classics
18-Aug-97; CD (M): Debutante 530 818 2 This Is Northern Soul! [UK]
23-Oct-00; CD: Spectrum 554 513 2 Greatest Hits And Rare Classics [UK]
28-Jan-03; CD (S): Motown 064 971 2 Millennium Collection: The Best Of Kim Weston
02-May-05; CD (M): Motown 067 024 2 This Is Northern Soul! The Motown Sound Volume 1 [UK]
10-Oct-05; CD (S): Motown 983 1605 The Motown Anthology [UK]
04-Aug-06; CD (M): Hip-O Select B0006775-02 The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 5 1965

Thrill Is Gone, The (Lew Brown-Ray Henderson) published De Sylva, Brown & Henderson Inc

[from revue "George White's Scandals of 1926"]

Chuck Jackson; recorded Hitsville-GW, completed 27-Feb-70 ; produced by Henry Cosby

Sep-70; LP (S): V.I.P. VS403 Teardrops Keep Fallin' On My Heart
10-Oct-05; CD (S): Motown 983 2931 The Motown Anthology [UK]

Thrill Of Love (Berry Gordy-Tyran Carlo) published RealGone

The Solitaires; recording details unknown

Nov-57; 45 (M): Old Town 1044 B

Jackie Wilson; recorded N.Y., 26-Apr-59

Nov-59; LP: Brunswick 754050 So Much

Throw A Farewell Kiss (Norman Whitfield-Edward Holland Jr) published Jobete 04-Jan-65

alt title: Throw A Kiss

Freddie Gorman; recorded Hitsville, completed 05-Oct-62 ; produced by Norman Whitfield

14-Dec-12; MP3 (M): UMC Digital Release Motown Unreleased 1962: Guys, Vol. 1

The Temptations; recorded Hitsville-GW, completed 05-Feb-71 ; produced by Norman Whitfield ; arranged by Dave Van DePitte ; [lead Dennis Edwards]

22-Apr-71; LP (S): Gordy GS957 Sky's The Limit
13-Apr-92; CD: Motown MOTD 5474 Sky's The Limit

The Velvelettes; recorded Hitsville, completed 30-Oct-64 ; produced by Norman Whitfield ; [odb on Freddie Gorman]

28-Dec-64; 45 (M): V.I.P. 25013 B
23-Mar-99; CD (M): Motown 31454 9507 2 The Very Best Of The Velvelettes
19-Mar-01; CD (M): Spectrum 544 467 2 The Best Of the Velvelettes [UK]
31-Oct-04; CD (S): Motown 980 9372 The Motown Anthology [UK]
24-Feb-06; CD (M): Hip-O Select B0005946-02 The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 4 1964

Throw You Out Of My Mind (Andre Williams) published Jobete

[Williams' credit re-assigned to Faye Hale on TFC]

The Contours; recorded Hitsville, completed 11-Sep-63 ; produced by Andre Williams ; [lead Billy Hoggs; Williams' producer credit re-assigned to Faye Hale]

25-Mar-11; CD (M): Kent CDTOP 350 Dance With The Contours [UK]

Tidal Wave (Mel Larson-Jerry Marcellino-Dean Parks)

Dickey & The Poseidons; recorded MoWest

Jul-74; 45: Motown M 1298F B

Tie A String Around Your Finger (Lamont Dozier-Brian Holland-Janie Bradford-Edward Holland Jr) published Jobete 17-Jul-63

The Marvelettes; recorded Hitsville, completed 12-Jun-63 ; produced by Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier ; [lead Gladys Horton]

01-Jul-63; 45 (M): Tamla T 54082 B
07-Sep-93; CD (M): Motown 37463 6259 2 Deliver: The Singles 1961-1971
14-Oct-05; CD (M): Hip-O Select B0005352-02 The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 3 1963
08-May-09; CD (M): Hip-O Select B0011516-02 Forever: The Complete Motown Albums Volume 1

Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport (Rolf Harris) published Beechwood

The Supremes; recorded L.A. ; produced by Hal Davis, Frank Wilson ; [demo (Lewis Sisters)]

unreleased; LP: Motown M6?? Around The World With The Supremes
Mar-67 [acetate]; LP (M): Q HDM-6262-FNLL

Tie Me Tight (Robert Gordy) published Jobete 14-Feb-62

Bob Kayli; recorded Hitsville, completed 24-Oct-61 ; produced by Berry Gordy

22-Nov-61; 45 (M): Tamla T 54051 B
14-Jan-05; CD (M): Hip-O Select B0003831-21 The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 1 1959-1961
23-Feb-07; CD (M): Reader's Digest RDCD 5561-3 The Ultimate Motown Collection - The Early Years

Tiffany Aglow (Bruce Werner-Howard Reiser) published Jobete 18-Jun-69

Joe Harnell; recorded Hitsville-GW, completed 20-Aug-69 ; produced by Harry Balk

Dec-69; LP (S): Motown S698 Moving On!!
2000; CD: JHCD 06 Moving On!!

Tight Skirts & Crazy Sweaters (Harvey Fuqua-Harmon Bethea) published Ellen,Clairborne

The Cap-Tans; recording details unknown ; produced by Billy 'Roquel' Davis ; arranged by Billy 'Roquel' Davis, Sammy Lowe

24-Oct-60; 45 (M): Anna 1122 A

Til Twelve O'Clock (William Stevenson-Henry Cosby-Sylvia Moy) published Jobete 01-Mar-65

alt titles: 1 Til 12:00 (O'clock) 2 How Can I Hold Him

Stevie Wonder; recorded Hitsville, completed 02-Feb-65 ; produced by Henry Cosby, William Stevenson ; [odb on the Vandellas]

[pressing date unknown] [acetate]; 45 (M): [no catalogue number]
11-Dec-15; MP3 (M): UMC Digital Release Motown Unreleased 1965 - Various Artists

Til You Were Gone (Frank Wilson) published Jobete

The Miracles; recorded Hitsville, completed 29-Jul-66 ; produced by Frank Wilson ; [demo by Frank Wilson]

25-Oct-95; CD (M): Motown 530 472 2 Anthology / The Best Of Smokey Robinson & The Miracles [artist shown as Smokey Robinson & the Miracles]
05-Aug-02; CD (M): Motown 017 277 2 Soul Satisfaction 03 - Motown Delights - Soft Centred Soul [artist shown as Frank Wilson] [UK]

Till Johnny Comes (William Robinson) published Jobete 15-Jan-67

Brenda Holloway; recorded Hitsville-GW, completed 05-Dec-66 ; produced by Smokey Robinson

unreleased; LP (M): Tamla T263 Hurtin' And Cryin'
unreleased; 45 (M): Tamla T 54144 A
06-Dec-66 [acetate]; LP: Q HCM-2589-NHDD [five mixes]
23-Feb-99; CD (M): Motown 31454 9505 2 The Very Best Of Brenda Holloway
07-Feb-05; CD (S): Motown 980 7658 The Motown Anthology [UK]
25-May-07; CD (M): Hip-O Select B0008993-02 The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 7 1967
25-Mar-13; CD (M): Ace CDCHD 1365 Finders Keepers - Motown Girls 1961-67 [UK]

The Supremes; recorded L.A. / Hitsville-GW, completed 06-Aug-69 ; produced by Smokey Robinson

Nov-69; LP (S): Motown S694 Cream Of The Crop
23-Oct-00; CD (S): Motown 159 588 2 Let The Sunshine In / Cream Of The Crop [UK]

Till There Was You (Meredith Willson) published Frank

[from musical and film "The Music Man"]

Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston; recorded Hitsville, completed 21-Sep-64 ; produced by William Stevenson ; [odb on Marvin & Mary]

25-Aug-66; LP (M): Tamla T270 Take Two
25-Aug-66; LP (S): Tamla S270 Take Two
1998; CD (S): Motown 530 844 2 Master Series
26-Feb-01; CD (S): Motown 013 309 2 Together / Take Two [UK]
22-Jan-07; CD (S): Motown 984 6021 Take Two + [UK]

Paula Greer; recorded Hitsville, completed 29-Sep-62 ; produced by William Stevenson

04-Feb-63; LP (M): Workshop Jazz WSJ203 Introducing Paula Greer

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