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1 2 3 (Leonard Borisoff-Lamont Dozier-Brian Holland-Edward Holland Jr-John Madara-David Tricker) published Jobete

Len Barry; recording details unknown

09-Sep-65; 45 (M): Decca 31827 A

100 Years Later (spoken word)

Rev. Martin Luther King; recorded live Cobo Hall, Detroit, 23-Jun-63 ; produced by Lawrence Horn, Milton Henry

Jun-63; LP (M): Gordy 906 The Great March To Freedom

12 O'Clock (Harvey Fuqua-Thomas Kemp) published Jobete

The Spinners; recorded Hitsville, completed 27-Mar-64 ; produced by Harvey Fuqua

[pressing date unknown] [acetate]; 45 (M): Jobete
25-Jun-12; CD (M): Kent CDTOP 371 Truly Yours ... Their First Motown Album With Bonus Tracks [UK]

2,000 Miles From Home (Bob West)

Lodi; recorded MoWest ; produced by Bob West

[unreleased]; LP (S): MoWest MW101L Lodi
Oct-72; LP (S): MoWest MW101L Happiness

24 Hours (To Find My Baby) (Edwin Starr) published Jobete

alternate title: I Think You're The Greatest

Edwin Starr; recorded Hitsville-GW, completed 05-Mar-69 ; produced by Edwin Starr

Apr-69; LP (S): Gordy S940 25 Miles
26-Mar-01; CD: Spectrum 544 492 2 The Essential Collection [UK]
Oct-02; CD (S): Motown 016 839 2 Soul Master / 25 Miles [UK]

2-4-6-8 (Pamela Sawyer-Gloria Jones)

The Jackson 5; recorded MoWest ; produced by Hal Davis

May-70; LP (S): Motown MS709 ABC
07-Aug-01; CD: Motown 014 380 2 Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5 / ABC

3 O'Clock Blues (B.B. King-Jules Taub)

Love Sculpture; recorded Europe

Jun-69; LP (S): Rare Earth S505 Blues Helping [first released on Parlophone (UK) PCS 7059 (1968)]

43rd Street (Dennis Stoner)

Dennis Stoner; recording details unknown

Nov-71; LP (S): Rare Earth R530L Dennis Stoner

5:30 Plane (Jim Webb)

The Supremes; recorded MoWest ; produced by Jim Webb

Nov-72; LP (S): Motown M756L The Supremes Produced And Arranged By Jimmy Webb
01-Dec-06; CD (S): Hip-O Select B0005938-02 This Is The Story

6 By 6 (Thomas Nixon-Paul Riser) published Jobete

alternate title: Six Plus Six


Earl Van Dyke; recorded Hitsville, completed 03-Aug-66 ; produced by Henry Cosby

21-Dec-66; 45 (M): Soul S 35028 A [artist shown as Earl Van Dyke & The Motown Brass]
28-Jun-01; CD (M): Spectrum 556 827 2 Northern Soul Connoisseurs [UK]
16-Jul-01; CD (M): Spectrum 544 545 2 Mod Fave Raves Volume 1 [UK]
03-Feb-04; CD (M): Motown B000206402 Millennium Collection: The Best Of The Funk Brothers
30-Jun-06; CD (M): Reader's Digest RDCD 5251-3 The Ultimate Motown Collection - Male Groups
24-Nov-06; CD (M): Hip-O Select B0007872-02 The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 6 1966 [artist shown as Earl Van Dyke & The Motown Brass]
13-Mar-12; CD (M): Hip-O Select B0016212-02 The Motown Sound: The Complete Albums & More

60's Hits Medley (various writers) published Jobete

Marvin Gaye; recorded live Kennedy Centre, Washington, 01-May-72

27-Feb-01; CD (S): Motown 013 404 2 What's Going On - De Luxe Edition

634-5789 (Eddie Floyd-Steve Cropper)

The Elgins; recorded Hitsville, completed 18-May-66 ; produced by Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier ; [lead - Norman McLean]

Oct-66; LP (M): V.I.P. 400 Darling Baby
Oct-66; LP (S): V.I.P. 400 Darling Baby
07-May-07; CD (S): Motown 980 0892 The Motown Anthology [UK]

7 - Rooms Of Gloom (Brian Holland-Lamont Dozier-Edward Holland Jr) published Jobete

Four Tops; recorded Hitsville-GW, completed 23-Jan-67 ; produced by Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier ; [v2]

04-May-67; 45 (M): Motown M 1110 A
Jul-67; LP (M): Motown M660 Reach Out
Jul-67; LP (S): Motown S660 Reach Out
Sep-67; LP (M): Motown M662 Four Tops' Greatest Hits
Sep-67; LP (S): Motown S662 Four Tops' Greatest Hits
Apr-69; LP (S): Motown S684 A Collection Of 16 Original Big Hits Vol. 10
Jul-74; LP (S): Motown M9-809R3 Anthology
01-Jul-91; CD (S): Motown MOTD 5457 A Collection Of 16 Original Big Hits Vol. 10
May-93; CD (S): Spectrum 550 077 2 The Look Of Love [UK]
07-Oct-97; CD (M): Motown 530 825 2 The Ultimate Collection
1997; CD (S): Britannia 530 709 Motown: The History: The Happening [UK]
02-Nov-98; CD (S): Spectrum 554 144 2 Motown Chartbusters Volume 1 [UK]
25-Sep-01; CD (M): Motown 314 556 225 2 Fourever [alternate mix]
31-Dec-01; CD (S): Motown 013 360 2 On Top / Reach Out [UK]
13-Jan-04; CD (S): Motown B000048802 Anthology 50th Anniversary
30-Jun-06; CD (S): Reader's Digest RDCD 5251-3 The Ultimate Motown Collection - Male Groups
25-May-07; CD (M): Hip-O Select B0008993-02 The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 7 1967
02-Apr-13; CD (M): Hip-O Select B0017484-02 50th Anniversary: The Singles Collection 1964-1972

7th Son (My Son)

G.C. Cameron; recorded MoWest ; produced by Willie Hutch

[unreleased]; LP: MoWest MW107L 7th Son

96 Tears (Rudy Martinez) published Ed Arguello

Jimmy Ruffin; recorded Hitsville-GW, completed 10-Oct-66 ; produced by Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier

Mar-69; LP (S): Soul SS708 Ruff'n Ready
13-Apr-92; CD: Motown MOTD 5479 Ruff'n Ready
Aug-94; CD (S): Spectrum 550 409 2 Son Of A Preacher Man [UK]
22-Jul-96; CD (S): Spectrum 552 123 2 Early Classics [UK]
15-Sep-09; CD (S): Reel Music B0013185-02 Ruff'n Ready



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