by Keith Hughes


The Motown Detroit Session Logbooks
The Motown Library Artist and Tape Filing Card Indexes
The Motown 45-RPM and LP Label Copy Files
The Jobete Music Company Catalog, January, 1959 / March 31, 1967; and Supplements

Courtesy Motown Records Archives.


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There are now innumerable books and websites containing partial or complete Motown discographies. The books listed above were used extensively in earlier editions of DFTMC, before primary sources became available to us, and so deserve special mention.


First and foremost, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Roger Green, without whose persuasion and help Don't Forget The Motor City would never have got started.

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Those with long memories may recall that early editions of DFTMC appeared in book form. Just when I had decided the work had become too large to print and sell at a price that would cover its costs, Ritchie Hardin came along and offered to make it available to the world through this web site. You wouldn't be reading these words if he hadn't. Cheers!

And special thanks to Harry Weinger of Universal Music Enterprises for his enthusiasm, for encouraging us to keep it going, and for providing access to the original Motown paperwork, thereby making DFTMC without question the most authoritative Motown discography ever published.


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