by Ritchie Hardin

If this is your first visit here - welcome! This page explains how the site works, and how best to use it, so please spare a few moments to read on before you take the plunge inside. The DFTMC website has developed and grown from its simple beginnings in 2003, and it has been a steady learning process for both Keith and myself. We hope you enjoy the latest results of our combined efforts.

Since 2015 it has been our policy to update the existing content whenever new releases are announced or additional details come to light, rather than waiting to publish an annual 'new edition' of the whole site. The intention was to try and keep DFTMC as up to date and accurate as possible, with the minimum of delay between updates. This year, we're delighted to present a shiny new 2018 edition - which we're happy to launch without shouting the news from the rooftops. Of course, if you feel tempted to do so on our behalf, please feel free!

Interim updates to this current edition will not be announced with any great fanfare, but if you check the info panel at the foot of the home page, you'll always find the date of our latest revisions.

Now, that's enough chat, let's get down to the real nitty gritty....


This is the general format used for each song on the Titles pages

And here is a typical Title entry

Navigating the titles pages

Titles are listed alphabetically from A to Z. In most cases, there are many song entries for a particular initial letter. As a result, the titles listings have been further divided into 'sub-pages' for each letter.

For example, listings for the letter I run to a total of 19 pages. In this instance, clicking the initial I on the homepage will open the I index, which lists all sub-pages for songs beginning with I. The first and last titles on each of these sub-pages are shown for easy selection of a particular group of songs. Again using title letter I as an example, I page 13 contains titles beginning with I'm and those beginning with I'm Not can be found on page 14.

You can also start at the Titles Index page, where you can find a complete listing of all the titles pages. Hopefully, all of this should make the site relatively easy to navigate, and tracking down your favourite songs should not be too difficult.

Abbreviations used in Titles Section

(E) : electronically reprocessed stereo
(M) : mono
(S) : stereo
alt : alternate
bv : backing vocals
cv : commercial version
f : female
GW : Golden World
L.A. : Los Angeles
m : male
N.Y. : New York City
odb : overdub
OSS : outside session
promo: promotional version
TFC : tape filing card
v : version

This is the general format used for each entry in the Artists Pages

Surname, First Name or Group (See below for naming conventions used)

Song title 1

Song title 2

Song title 3

Song title 4


And here is a typical entry

Note: three artists have been allocated their own pages, linked from within the main alphabetical listings:

Marvin Gaye (accessed from 'G' Artists page)
Miracles (from 'M')
Supremes (from 'S')

Links to songs on Titles pages

Each title listed under an artist's name is a hyperlink to the page on which that song appears, in the Titles section.
For a working example, click here on Baby I Need Your Loving to open the relevant 'B' page. (For ease of use, the Titles pages will each open in a new tab/window.) Simply scroll down the page to locate the song.


Solo Artists are listed by surname, followed by first name : e.g. Holland, Eddie

Duos are listed similarly : e.g. Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell

Groups are listed by simple name only : e.g. under 'M' for Marvelettes, not under 'T' for The Marvelettes
In the case of compound names, the featured artist is listed first : e.g. Knight, Gladys and the Pips

4. HELP! I'M LOST...

Don't worry - clicking the DFTMC logo at the top of any page will always return you 'home' to the main index.


An acquaintance once asked me what DFTMC was all about.
When I explained, he shrugged and said, "so it's just another discography, then?"
I replied, he could say that, but only if he thought Motown is "just another record label."

Enjoy your visit!
Ritchie Hardin