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P. J.

(I've Given You) The Best Years Of My Life

It Takes A Man To Teach A Woman How To Love

T.L.C. (Tender Loving Care)


Color Of Our Love, The

Tears Come Rolling Down, The

Page, Oma

When Someone's Good To You


Sleepless Nights

Wishing Well

Parker, Bobby

You've Got What It Takes

Parks, Gino & Barrett Strong

Tell All Your Friends

Parks, Gino

Blibberin' Blabbin' Blues

Don't Say Bye Bye


For This I Thank You

My Sophisticated Lady

Same Thing

Taking Candy From A Baby

Talking 'Bout My Baby

That's No Lie

When Your Lover Comes Back


If It Were True


I Misjudged You


Heart Trouble (Without Your Love)

That Was My Girl

You're Not Hurting Her/Him (You're Hurting Me)

Paul, Bunny

I'm Hooked

We're Only Young Once

Paul, Clarence

You Stay On My Mind

Payne, Little Freda

Save Me A Star

Penny & The Eko's

Gimme What You Got

Share Your Love


Better Keep Movin'

Let's Get Into Something

Love On A Rampage

One Girl Too Many

Perrin, Sue

Can't Let Go

Clickety-Clack Heart

I Wonder

Mr. Candy Store Man

Put A Ring On My Finger

Recipe Of Love

Ring Bells Ring

You Are My Love

Peters, Nancy

Cry Baby Heart

Petersen, Paul


Don't Let It Happen To Us

Farewell Is A Lonely Sound

Little Bit For Sandy, A

Window Shopping

Your Love's Got Me Burning Alive


I Say Yeah

West Side Party

Phillips, Sandra

World Without Sunshine, A

Poor Boys

Beg Me

Can't Get Back In

Do What You Wanna Do

I Won't Take No For An Answer

Just Like A Clock

Let's Do More About Love

Little Boy Blue

Mary Mary

Place Called Love, A

Rhyme Or Reason

Wooden Horse

You Made Your Bed (Now Sleep In It)


Feel Like Givin' Up

Take Somebody Like You

Power Of Zeus

Death Trip, The

Green Grass And Clover

Hard Workin' Man

I Lost My Love

In The Night

It Couldn't Be Me

No Time


Sorcerer Of Isis, The (The Ritual Of The Mole)

Uncertain Destination

Power, Mike

I Left My Love In Paris

Teenage Sweetheart

Powers, Johnny

I Just Got To Know Now

Is It Yes Or Is It No

It's Now Or Never

Rosa Lee (Stay Off The Bell)

Well I Got Troubles

You Didn't Care

Pretty Things

Balloon Burning

Baron Saturday


Cries From The Midnight Circus



In The Square

Journey, The / I See You / Well Of Destiny

Letter, The / Rain

Loneliest Person

Miss Fay Regrets

Old Man Going


Private Sorrow / Balloon Burning

Private Sorrow

S.F.Sorrow Is Born

Scene One: The Good Mr. Square / She Was Tall, She Was High

She Says Good Morning

She's A Lover

Sickle Clowns


What's The Use

Price, Lloyd

Just My Speed


Pretty Baby

Tears Of Sorrow

Prince, Dave

Child Is Waiting, A

Greatest Man Who Ever Lived, The

Proctor, Billy

I Can Take It All

What Is Black



Sit Down And Rest A While


I Can't Make It

My Kind Of Girl

Proud City Singers

Beautiful Sound, A

Musician, A


Brand New World

Don't Know Where I'm Gonna Be Today

Grosso, The

It's Not The Last Time

On With The Show

You Make Me Happy


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